Our Story

Who We Are

We are the Emerald City Jaguars, your friendly neighborhood pro basketball team right here in Eugene, Oregon. Marion Clark, our founder, kickstarted this journey in 2023 with a specific goal in mind.

What We Do

To boost our beloved community through the magic of sports. Off the court, we roll up our sleeves, getting involved in community events, mentoring the next generation, and actively contributing to our great city. We’re not just a team; we’re a part of the heart & soul of Eugene.

Our Mission

The Emerald City Jaguars are committed to delivering affordable, family-oriented, professional basketball and entertainment to our local community. Our mission is to unite the community through the joy of basketball while nurturing the personal and professional growth of our dedicated athletes.

Community Impact Through Sports

For the Emerald City Jaguars, our mission goes beyond the court; it’s about fostering a profound and mutual respect between our organization and the people of Eugene and its neighboring areas.

We are dedicated to becoming an integral part of this community, striving to be positive role models for the youth and active contributors to our city.

The Emerald City Jaguars are not just a team; we are a catalyst with a symbol of excellence. We want our name to be synonymous with mutual respect, community support, and youth development.

The Owner Marion Clark

Marion Clark has been playing basketball since he was three years old. Growing up in Los Angeles and Inland Empire , he followed the Lakers so it’s no surprise basketball became his favorite sport. In elementary school, played for the YMCA Junior Lakers and Perris Might Mites. Being a part of these programs taught Marion fundamental skills like teamwork, sportsmanship and positive community involvement.

These values were taught to him by numerous individuals Coach Neal, Coach Pooh, Spencer of The Perris Rec Center, his parents and uncles and aunties. He has carried these skills with him throughout not only his basketball career, but also his life.

As Marion’s reputation as a prominent player in Los Angeles grew, he decided to play semi-professional basketball. Despite enduring injuries and facing numerous setbacks, Marion persevered, ultimately earning a spot in the playing in the Drew League out of highschool during the spring and summer , Marion traveled to every G-league tryout he could fighting for a spot. Ultimately injuries and other setbacks derailed his NBA dreams, Marion nurtured a long-held dream – to own a basketball team.

Years of dedication and a wealth of knowledge converged as the Emerald City Jaguars joined the TBL. Marion’s vision for the EC Jaguars is clear: Use sports as a vehicle to strengthen and unify the Eugene community.