Become a Proud Sponsor of the

Emerald City Jaguars

Our Mission

Our team is more than just athletes on a court; we’re a driving force for positive change within the Eugene community. Through our dedication to excellence, we become role models for the youth, instilling values like discipline and teamwork. We inspire local businesses to invest in community development, creating opportunities for education and outreach. The unity we embody fosters a sense of togetherness, breaking down barriers and building bridges. In our triumphs and challenges, we show that with a collective vision, we can have an extraordinary impact on the community we proudly represent.

Meet EC Jaguar’s Owner Marion Clark

Marion Clark, at just 27 years old, became the youngest team owner in TBL history. He’s not just making history; he’s blazing a trail of inspiration for all, proving that age is just a number when passion and vision drive you forward. Marion is paving the way for a fresh generation of leaders and coaches, believing that potential is everywhere, waiting to be nurtured. What drives  him is a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, celebrating the unique strengths that each individual brings to the team. Marion Clark is living proof that youth, a big dream, and a whole lot of heart can change the game, on and off the court.

How You Can Participate

There are multiple ways to participate in the EC Jaguars’ journey and contribute to the growth of our community.
One of the most impactful ways is by becoming a sponsor. By joining our sponsorship program, you not only help the EC Jaguars achieve their goals but also gain exposure for your business while demonstrating your commitment to community development. 

For those who wish to make a direct impact on the community, we also welcome donations to our community outreach programs. Your support can make a significant difference in providing opportunities for local youth and fostering positive change within Eugene.

Whether you choose to sponsor our team or make a donation, your involvement is instrumental in bringing our shared vision to life.