Coaches Corner – EC Jags 2024

Coach’s Corner: John Tyson

Meet the guiding force behind the Emerald City Jaguars’ debut season, Head Coach John Tyson. With a remarkable journey from the Harlem Globetrotters to the Raptors and Magic, Coach Tyson brings a winning mentality to the EC Jags.

Coach JT has valuable insights into coaching philosophy, strategies for the upcoming season, and has an overarching vision for the team. As a two-time ABA champion and shot-block leader, his on-court prowess now translates into leadership on the sidelines.

Transitioning from a player to a decorated coach, Coach Tyson honed his skills under Coach Steve Tucker, mastermind of the 2022 TBL champions. From the ABA to the 2021 TBL Champions Enid Outlaws, Coach JT’s journey culminates in leading the EC Jags into the 2024 season. We can’t wait to see into the mind of a seasoned coach as we unravel the playbook, expectations, and ambitions for the EC Jaguars’ exciting journey ahead.